About Me

What I do My Likes I like doing digital work, things related to maths, learning about cars, and doing some long walks and cycling. My Contributions to Society I usually control the mixer at my church, once every 2 weeks, but then it changed to being one every 4 weeks. What I am Like in a Group I am the kind of person in a group who takes the group's idea and build more ideas from them. My Passions/Interests I like making music, sometimes in my spare time, I also like to learn about cars, and I also like to watch educational videos off youtube. I also like doing some digital stuff, including coding, and digital and website design. My Software and Programming Skills Some Softwares I Have Learned to use I have learnt Notepad++, Photoshop, Illustrator, Access, Flowol, Scratch, Design - all of which I have learned in school. Programming Languages I Have Learnt in School Some programming languages I have learned so far are JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Skills I Have Learnt in Programming Some programming skills I have developed so far are repeat, if/else, while, and infinite loops, Variables, and values. Some Other Application Skills I Have Learned I have also learned some other application skills, with working digitally, like using the pen, lasso, layer, text-type tools in Photoshop, using the quick selection, lasso, and warp tools in Adobe InDesign, and many more.

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